Q – What is MS1 Energy offering me?
In simple terms, you allow us to install and operate a wind turbine on your land. In return, you receive a lump sum payment each year and you can use the electricity produced for a reduced price.

Q – What do I have to pay?
Nothing. We do not charge you, the landowner anything and we will cover the cost of: assessing the suitability of your land, planning permission, installation, ongoing operations and insurance.

Q – How much money will I receive?
You will receive a lump sum payment for each year that the turbine is operating on your land. The exact amount you will receive depends on several factors, including the local wind speed. We will work this out exactly when we establish the suitability of your land. As a rough indication only, you can expect to receive £10k- £20k per annum. That’s £200k-400k over 20 years.

Q – Am I eligible for the offer?
Yes, if you own suitable land in the UK. We will help you establish the suitability of your land by assessing a number of factors, including the local wind speed and proximity to an appropriate electricity grid connection.

Q – How much land is required?
The actual land footprint required is very small (a few square metres for the turbine itself), and the turbine foundations are usually buried beneath the ground, which means you can continue to use the land right up to the base of the turbine. More importantly, the turbine should be located away from buildings, trees and other tall obstacles, which might affect the flow of wind through the turbine and reduce the amount of electricity produced.

Q – Do I have to seek planning permission?
Planning permission will be required for each turbine, however, we will manage the end-to-end planning process on your behalf.

Q – Will the wind turbine cause noise pollution?
No. Modern wind turbines are designed to be very quiet and we are required to demonstrate compliance with national noise regulations. Typically, a turbine’s noise emissions must be no higher than 40dBA at the nearest dwellings, which is comparable to the noise emissions in a quiet library.

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