Hill Farm

MS1 Energy successfully developed a wind turbine project at Hill Farm, Byfield, Northamptonshire. A large scale map of this location can be downloaded here.

We believe that Hill Farm is a great place to put a wind turbine because it possesses the following characteristics:

• Good wind resource
• Limited visual impact on local communities
• The turbine will be over 400 metres away from neighbouring homes
• Nearby grid connection
• Easily accessible by road
• Hill Farm has been family owned since 1938.

The construction project was completed by Urban Wind, who are now the lead developer. The constructed turbine was a single EWT 54, which has a rated capacity of 500kW, a 40m hub height and 54m diameter blades. Further details can be seen here.

This turbine will create enough electricity to power around 280 homes and alleviate approximately 565 tonnes of carbon a year.

A small timelapse of part of the turbine construction can be seen below:

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